Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick Meal Ideas

These are the things I make when time is of the essence and I just need to get some food in front of my family, quick!

* Rice w/ cream of chicken sauce. Easy. Put the rice on to cook, and then make the sauce in the last 5 minutes of the rice's cook time.
* Chicken Fajitas. Slice up onions, red bell peppers, and put the chicken to cook in the frying pan. Add in some cheese, tortillas, ranch dressing, tomatoes, and it makes an easy meal.
* Breakfast Burritos. Scrambled eggs, and then everything listed above. Notice a pattern? :)
* Dutch Puff. Put the ingredients in the blender, pour it in the pan, and let it bake. Add syrup.
* Maple Granola. This one takes about 30 minutes... but it's filling and tasty!
* Pasta w/ homemade white sauce. Similar to the rice & sauce above-- put the pasta to boil, and then make the sauce in the last couple minutes. Hot, tasty, and easy.
* Fun Lunch!
* Pancakes w/ syrup- easy and delicious!

What are your favorite quick meal ideas?

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