Sunday, September 02, 2012

Crock Pot Recipe Round-Up

A few links from around the web that sound like great crock-pot recipes worth trying out:

I need to be more diligent & efficient & put my crock pot to more frequent use!  Hope this gives you ideas too!


T said...

Random question, I now live on the country you just left. Where can I buy a crock pot here??

Jess said...

Well, if you really mean the country I just left, then I'm trying to think... I didn't have one there. I used a Esse brand Le Crueset knock-off Dutch oven for a similar purpose. Maybe try stores like Vestel, Bosch, etc., at the malls? Maybe at the upper-class parts of cities they would have them now??? Not entirely sure...

In the first country we lived in overseas, people would travel to nearby Hong Kong or Thailand and carry crock pots back with them as it was the same voltage. That, too, could be an option where you are if you ever have reason to do a visa run to Greece or whatever.

Hope this helps!